Explosive Narcissism

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  Which perception of the world would justify to a young man to commit suicide, while killing a rather consequent number of innocent victims?! Did ignorance reach a point such, that some people would believe that to be blown out near a target chosen with haste, is likely to guarantee them an eternal happiness?!

 How was this idea born and what wa its origin?    

  It is true that the” kamikaze” attack is exclusively a Japanese invention. Moreover, after the attack of the “trade center” a Japanese terrorist bunch was the first to be suspected. It seems that the image of the Japanese pilots, who used to crush their planes, deliberately, on the American battleships, was still present in the American collective memory.

But how was this practice adopted by groups, claiming a certain membership to the Islamic movement? Let us remind that Palestinians utilize frequently the tactic of suicide bombings. For them it is the only way to face up with an enemy, possessing a military power, practically unbearable, for a people reduced and deprived, who owns only a will to fight until the end.

This tactic will be soon copied by “Al-quaida”. The suicide bombing took then some spectacular proportions: especially during the events of the 11/9.

In front of the damage inflicted to the United States, supposedly omnipotent, a great majority among Arabs was filled with enthusiasm. It was for them a kind of compensation to a previous generalized frustration. The fact is that People had badly perceived the bitter defeat, undergone by the Iraqi government after the first gulf war. This one, and after having sent on Israel some “scud” missiles, had become the carry flag of the Arab world. Saddam, as for him, had become a living legend.

 The warning signs announcing the disaster took place, when the Arabs, who were exhausted by consecutive defeats, had beileved to an illusionary invincibility of Saddam’s army. The Worst of all is that almost everybody, believed to his capacity to lead to the rout, all the armies unified of the world. The Arab progressive elite took part in the development of this illusion and worked to maintain it. Nobody could predict how the awakening was going to be hard and the shock violent!  

 This would explain partly, the popular support to “Al-quaida”, expressed, after the events of the 11/9. In Addition to that, the fact is that the operation had been thoroughly prepared and the targets chosen, with an extreme precision. Moreover, this was an application of the surgical strike theory, elaborated and mediatized by American, Those, who will be inexorably the first victims of it!  

  According to my humble opinion, suicidal terrorist operations won’t lead us out of the maze in which we prevail. What may save us is a radical change of our manners, our social principles and culture. And as long as it is the mentality of the Bedouin who governs us, we will never emerge from the long, dark and hideous tunnel in which we all evolve.

As long as the backbone of our personality is selfishness and restricted personal interest, we will remain subjected and humiliated. We have to rehabilitate the principles of honesty, devotion at work, altruism and respect of laws and moral values. All of that may change our destiny.

  But let us speak about selfishness! Isn’t it t the final cause of the suicide bombings? Indeed, the kamikaze thinks only about his own salvation, which in fact is a fictitious one. He is so blinded by his self-centeredness,  that he does not perceive the colossal damages, caused by his action. What torments him the most is how to acquire his personal paradise. The suicide bombing is in the final analysis only an act of selfishness. I would even say that it is a proof of narcissism!




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